Servicios especiales

In Daycom 2000 we offer specific solutions to specific problems in the world of automation, control products and industrial electronics in general.

Cables a Medida

Custom cables for specific solutions

Custom cables manufacturing

Equipments installation

In Daycom 2000 we undertake the installation of designed products when required, in cases of special complex due to technical, meteorological or logistic circumstances.

Custom electronics

electrónica a medida

Custom circuits design and manufacturing

Circuit boards design, manufacturing and assembly, circuits, electrical panels and automatisms according to specifications of rigidity, size, capacity.

Custom power supplies

With an electrical interconnections distributor custom instalation, device internal space is optimized, distances are reduced, wiring and installations are simplified and adds value to the final product. An optimal solution for boxes with many connections and / or devices.

We are specialists in the development of solutions for pedestrian control access systems, optimization of the electronics of industrial automatisms and photovoltaic or inductive sensors data collection systems.


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